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Lively Production (formerly known as Hi-Resolution) is the U.S. out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry’s best in class print production management company.

About Us

Born out of years of experience managing and producing OOH campaigns, Lively Production understands the complexity of the OOH eco-system better than anyone else.

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Best Quality

Our rigorous selection of preferred partners, printing facilities, and environmentally friendly products guarantees the highest standard of quality.

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With cutting edge technology platforms, we operate your holistic production chain efficiently.

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Through pioneering unique opportunities and solutions, we turn outdoor advertising into impactful environmental stewardship.

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One Stop

By coordinating with your agencies and partners, we manage your entire print production process, from creative management to trafficking and posting.

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We are the first production management company to offer production metrics and proof-of-posting validation.

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Best Quality

Our rigorous selection of preferred partners, printing facilities, and environmentally friendly products guarantees the highest standard of quality.

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Our Products & Services

Standard Printing

Traditional OOH is our specialty, no job is too large for us.

Specialized Formats

We utilize an extensive network of contacts in the field of creative OOH to turn ideas into reality.

Point of Purchase

We manage high-end, quality printing for In-Store formats.

Printing Services

Virtual Creative Testing

Visualize and experience your campaigns before they’re live across multiple locations and venues.

Creative Adaptation

With dedicated creative resources, we can adapt brand creative to any OOH asset requirement.

3D Environment Staging

Recreate a real customer journey by staging your creative in our library of 3D environments.

Creative Services


(Eco-Bulletin ™)

Lively is proud to offer a 100% recyclable vinyl alternative.


(O2 Board ™)

Our O2 bulletins remove pollution from the air, directly helping to clean the air.

Upcycled Vinyls

(UBE ™)

Give your retired bulletin new life as a bag, computer case, cooler, or any number of other products.


Our Products & Services

Why did you select a 4-day academic week?

Students today no longer have time to be a child. It's more about competition for grades and college acceptance than it is about learning. We believe that when you focus on priorities of core academics that students will have the time they need to maximize learning and to discover and develop outside interests.

Is there transportation for athletes/artists to their training?

William & Reed Academy offers transportation to organized after-school activities within a 6-mile radius of the school.

The fee for transportation varies -- it's based on distance from the school, the number of students going to that particular facility, etc.

How do you select your teachers?

William & Reed Academy selects teachers who want to get back to the art of teaching - inspiring and connecting with students to discover that learning can be relevant and fun. Many of our teachers have been recognized as "teacher of the year" award winners in previous schools.

What options do students have if I need them to attend school after the morning academic time?

While the core academic day ends at 12:30 PM, William & Reed Academy offers students the option to stay until 2:00 PM for Flex Period. Flex Period is a facilitated study hall that provides students with the time to work on their homework, seek extra help, etc.

In addition, William & Reed Academy offers an extended day Spanish program for students wishing to take Spanish face-to-face (as opposed to online). This program ends at 3:00 PM.

The charge for Flex Period is $2000/year. The charge for Extended Day Spanish is $2500/year (includes Flex Period).

What do your students do in the afternoons?

Students pursue a variety of interests. There are high-performance athletes and artists who are committed to developing their talent. Other students have part-time jobs or internships. Students also get experience in time and project management they will be asked to do once enrolled in college. There is time for school and also time to pursue new interests and family events.

Is this a hybrid home school?

No, William & Reed Academy is a college preparatory school designed for today's student who wants to focus on the productivity of learning at school while supported by professionals who can challenge them. We do not support students who want to take curriculum packets home for parents to monitor and grade.

What's the biggest difference new students notice?

New students are surprised that other students are so welcoming and teachers want to have a conversation with them.

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3 World Trade Center
175 Greenwich Street 
31st floor
New York, NY 10007 USA


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